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Get rid of the guess work! At Little Royalty, we understand how precious and limited a parent's time is. That's why we work tirelessly and efficiently to curate the right candidates for families from the start. Additionally, we place an equal focus on the candidate's qualifications and professional references, as we do their unique personalities and skills, solidifying a greater opportunity for the perfect match!

Learn About You

We get to know you and your family's needs by discussing job duties, weekly schedule, childcare philosophies, and qualities and traits you would like to see in your ideal nanny.

Interview Nanny Candidates

We coordinate and schedule interviews with the candidates of your choosing. We will follow up with you and the candidates for seamless pairing and confidential feedback.

Finalize Hiring Process

Once you have found your perfect fit and are ready to make an offer, we will walk you through the hiring process, as well as finalize and coordinate all remaining details.

We Find Your Match

We personally match you with the candidates most suitable for your position. We then send detailed profiles and short biographies for each candidate for your review.

"The service and dedication Little Royalty provided was priceless!"

"Evie was a nanny herself for many years and she really knows the industry better than anyone we've ever met! She was able to provide guidance on candidates, assist in negotiations and recommend an amazing payroll service! The process of finding an amazing and qualified nanny is an exhausting experience. If you are in Minneapolis or frankly anywhere in the Midwest, Little Royalty would receive the ultimate recommendation and kudos! I would not consider any other option!"

Elizabeth W.
Little Royalty Client

nanny placements

full time


Newborn Care Specialist


Full-time Nannies are professionals whose goal is to seamlessly fit into your family’s needs by providing top-notch childcare and family support. Nanny responsibilities include full-charge care of the children and all child-related duties such as school assistance, laundry, clean-up, driving and organization. Little Royalty’s candidates consist of nannies with over 20 years of experience, former teachers to recent college graduates ready to fully create, engage and play fun and educational activities. Their availability is typically 40+ hours a week varying greatly to the family’s need for support, flexibility, travel requirements or partnering with additional household staff for coordination of full-time care. Professional Current Nannies rates are between $30-$40 per hour. In addition to their wages most full-time nannies receive PTO Benefits, Paid Holidays/Sick days to name a few.

Private Educators are passionate about children and education! Their sole role is to teach, assist and support your child’s educational needs. Our talent pool consists of nannies with an education-focused degree, credentialed teachers and former private or in-class tutors. Candidates will vary in their education approach and will be matched with your families desired learning approach. Focused educational approaches include some of the following: Language Specific, Montessori and Waldorf, Special Behavioral and Development and Classic with the experience to cater to your families preferred method. Private Educators rates are between $40-$100 per hour greatly dependent on experience and qualifications as well as family requirements. Private educators are also a great option for primary and continued education for families that travel frequently and wanting their children to receive an educational experience and curriculum regardless of location.

Newborn and Infant Care Specialists are highly qualified individuals who are solely focused and educated in newborn and infant care. They have credentials and advanced training in providing knowledge and support to new parents. From implementing healthy routines, bathing, feeding, creating naps schedules, logging all of baby’s activity and overnight sleep training, Newborn Care specialist are supportive experts for the first 12-18 weeks. Newborn Care Specialists can range from $35-$60/hr.

Part-Time Nannies schedules vary with each family with a week typically consisting of 15-30 hours per week. A part-time nanny is great for families that need consistent help during the week, full care of children with less hours, active and engaging playtime, assistance with schoolwork, child-related tidying up and can include driving children to and from activities, extracurriculars or school related drop-offs & pick-ups. Little Royalty’s part-time candidates have professional childcare experience and can also include current college students, summer camp activities leaders or those that are providing care to another family. Part-time nannies with have a predetermined schedule and flexibility to accommodate a schedule when extra help is needed but not at a full-time capacity. Rates for part-time nannies vary depending on experience, schedule preference and flexibility needed as well as responsibilities required for the role and are in the range of $30-$40 per hour. Part-time nannies will typically receive benefits such as limited paid vacation days in addition to paid holidays/sick days.






Bilingual Nanny

A bilingual nanny is a native language speaker that converses with your child naturally allowing them to fully immerse and absorb a new language. Whether it be Spanish, French, Hebrew, Mandarin, or Italian, the goal of requiring a specific language as part of the nanny's role is to support the child to learn and become fluent in at least two languages. Professional Language Nanny rates are between $35-$45/hour, depending on scope of position.



Rotational Nanny (ROTA)

A ROTA nanny is a professional, experienced + exceptional childcare provider who provides 24/7 care consistently for a predetermined amount of time. A ROTA nanny partners with a a team of caregivers in a rotational schedule such as two weeks on, two weeks off to ensure seamless care and coverage. Little Royalty takes the lead in placing the most successful, long-term ROTA nanny matches. ROTA rates are between $30-$50/hr.


payroll assistance & Nanny Taxes

We know your time is precious, which is why we’ve partnered with HomePay, the nation’s leading household employment payroll and tax specialists, to offer our clients a simple and affordable payroll and HR solution.

Our No Work – No Worry Solution

Home pay's service

HomePay’s comprehensive service handles all your employer obligations including:

Calculate the correct amount of federal and state taxes to withhold each pay period and ensure employee is paid accurately and on time

Prepare and distribute a paystub each pay period.

Track gross pay, net pay, federal taxes withheld and state taxes withheld.

Track employer federal and state taxes each pay period.

Prepare state tax returns and ensure employer and employee taxes are remitted to each state tax agency accurately and on time.

Prepare federal tax returns and ensure employer and employee taxes are remitted to the IRS accurately and on time.

Prepare and file year-end summaries for state tax agencies.

Prepare and distribute Form W-2 to your employee(s).

Prepare Form W-3 and send to the Social Security Administration (along with Form W-2 Copy A).

Prepare Schedule H to accompany your personal federal income tax return.

Respond to IRS and state requests/inquiries.

Keep you in total compliance with the ever-changing household employment tax laws.

Keep you organized and “in the know” through email notifications and easy-to-access, easy-to-understand paystubs, tax documents, summaries and other helpful resources online.

Answer the phone when you call and provide in-depth expertise, answers and guidance.

"how do I pay my nanny?"

You, the family, are considered an employer hiring a household employee. This means you are hiring a W4/W2 employee and need to file the correct employment forms, withhold taxes, and pay employer taxes. This can be tricky and complicated; however, if done correctly, you may be eligible for 3 tax breaks that could cover the cost of your employer taxes. To make this process effortless for our families and ensure you get the tax breaks you qualify for, we have partnered with HomePay to take care of everything for you and WE PAY YOUR FIRST MONTHLY FEE! That's $75 in savings! HURRAH!

Hiring a nanny requires the following responsibilities, all of which HomePay takes care of for you:

— Obtaining your employer tax ID
— Handling worker's compensation insurance
— Filing the New Hire Report
— Preparing and filing household tax returns
— Remitting tax dollars to each tax authority
— Preparing and distributing Form W-2 to your employee
— Preparing and filing Form 1-2 Copy A/Form W-3 with the Social Security Administration
— Preparing state Annual Reconciliations
— Preparing Schedule H and a 1040-ES Summary Statement to include with your personal federal income tax return
— Handling government alerts and notices
— Payroll management
— Calculating the employee’s withholdings for each pay period
— Payroll handled through DIrect Deposit
— Distribution and archive of paystubs with pay period and year-to-date totals to your employee electronically
— Audit support

— Obtaining your employer tax ID
— Handling worker's compensation insurance
— Filing the New Hire Report
— Preparing and filing household tax returns
— Remitting tax dollars to each tax authority

— Preparing and distributing Form W-2 to your         employee

— Preparing and filing Form 1-2 Copy A/Form W-
     3 with the Social Security Administration

— Preparing state Annual Reconciliations

— Preparing Schedule H and a 1040-ES Summar
     Statement to include with your personal
     federal income tax return

— Handling government alerts and notices
— Payroll management

— Calculating the employee’s withholdings for
     each pay period

— Payroll handled through DIrect Deposit
— Audit support

— Distribution and archive of paystubs with
     pay period and year-to-date totals to your
     employee electronically

Whew….a great big Thank You to Homepay for handling it for our amazing families!

The efficiency and peace of mind we proudly provide our families would not be possible without Chelsea Mills! Chelsea is the Sr. Partner Relations Specialist with our payroll and tax partner, HomePay. HomePay has been the experts in household employment for almost three decades, and Chelsea has been committed to families employing household help for almost 7 years. Her current role as Partner Relations Specialist is to educate families hiring for the first time and ensure clients receive a seamless on-boarding experience when becoming a Household Employer.

it truly takes a village...

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